A tropical story


living with tranquility

The 5 island principles of

balance and perspective

The book where An Island Perspective began!

Alumanaya – A tropical story about living with tranquility introduces Rumbi, an island boy who is learning new ways of thinking and living from his grandmother, Makena.

Guiding Rumbi on an inner journey of teaching, Makena reveals how various parts of the island relate to a unique outlook on life. Rumbi is forced to put his learning into practice when an unexpected storm blows his canoe far from home . . .

The story of Alumanaya shows how to imagine the sights, sounds and scents of an island paradise in order to reduce stress, increase joy and contribute to a sense of balance and tranquility. Think of the five principles of the island when faced with minor annoyances or major challenges.



(Softcover Book)


An Island Perspective

Finding the Path to

Tropical Tranquility

In this new book, we return to the mythical tropical island of Alumanaya to explore the five principles in greater depth. We look at fun and easy ways to apply the ideas of Wind, Sand, Palm, Ocean and Light to everyday life situations.

It’s amazing how powerful our creative imagination is and what a profound impact it has on our lives. However, most of us could use a little practice in managing our thoughts more effectively! In this travel guide, we learn how to do that. We discover how we can all find our own inner island and path to tranquility.

Here’s an excerpt from the Introduction:

Let’s go to a beautiful tropical island. There, we’ll walk along endless beaches of soft white sand. We’ll breathe deeply of the jasmine-scented breeze. We’ll feel the warm sunlight on our skin. In the shade of gently swaying palm trees, we’ll gaze out over sparkling ocean waves. We’ll relax in peaceful, tropical tranquility.

As we explore, we’ll come across many interesting and exciting things both on the island . . . and within ourselves. We’ll learn more about who we are and what we’re capable of. We’ll come to realize how powerful our creative imagination can be and how it impacts our life moment by moment. It will be the most important trip we’ll ever take.

We don’t have to pack anything and we can leave anytime we want. In fact, we’ve already begun our journey . . .   (click here to read more . . .)


Get the Two-Book Package!

Each book has its own unique approach to finding tropical tranquility and living with An Island Perspective. By having both, you’ll expand your creative imagination not only in yourself, but with your whole family!


(Softcover Books)



(Softcover Book)

Even though all ages enjoy this story, it’s a great book to read with all the kids in your life. Reading together gives you precious bonding time PLUS the opportunity to pass on valuable island principles  and life lessons to the ones you love! You will radiate hope and encouragement as well as give them the tools they need to lead a happy, tranquil and more meaningful life.

“Remember, Rumbi, our beautiful island is your home. Even when you are far away and the stormy winds of life are blowing hard, you can always return here in your thoughts.”
- Makena

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A few comments from readers . . .

Steve, I want to congratulate you on the best and most fun to read motivational book I have ever read. I could feel myself actually calming down AS I read it and envisioned some of the scenes you brought to life!

– Jan, Missouri

Listen everyone... I read the pre-publication version of "An Island Perspective" and I'm now reading my purchased copy again, with hi-liter in hand. You HAVE TO purchase and read this book. I simply cannot say enough great things about it!

– Thomas, Florida

I really like the book and I know personally it has made a tremendous difference in my attitude and my stress levels. I'm kind of glad there was the delay between reading the book and writing the review. It helped me see how easy, and subconsciously, the principles are applied. It is an aspect I wouldn't have known to share if I hadn't experienced it.

– Tracy, North Carolina

I think the thing that I was most impressed by was the book’s depth.  You come away with a whole new way of looking at things on this wonderful journey called life.  Cheers!

– Brian, Iowa

I've turned several times and re-read the part about building stories trying to see into our future not having all the facts we need.  The quote, "We actually increase what we are trying to avoid by pre-suffering from an outcome that might or might not happen in the future."  You need to have that one on a big poster for me to buy!

– Sharon, Kansas

Hi Steve! I just want to say that I've finished your BEAUTIFUL book! I loved every page!

– Lori, Texas

The concepts are so important for people to understand and incorporate into their lives. I think you've done a wonderful job of explaining them in a way that is clear, thorough, and still entertaining.

 – Linda, California

Steve, I wanted you to know that I read your latest book, “An Island Perspective,” and I really enjoyed it. Your style and perspective are easy to read and follow. I felt as if you were just talking to me, pointing out things to think about. I will be reading it again! I would be proud to recommend this to anyone.

– Dan, Missouri

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An Island Perspective

Finding the Path to

Tropical Tranquility

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A Tropical Story about

Living with Tranquility

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